Tips for use

  • Built in help is available by pressing the ? button on the toolbar.
  • Still having trouble understanding the deep-blue line on the route? Here is another way to look at it. – The slider thumb on the time slider control represents a single point in time and the airplane on the map represents a single point over the ground at that time. The deep blue line on the time slider represents the 2 hour time range that thunderstorms are being forecasted for by weather stations on the map. The deep blue line on the route represents the route of the plane during that same 2 hour time.
  • You can plan your route in Weekend Flyer, copy the text from route box and then paste the text into your Electronic Flight Bag app to avoid entering your route twice. You may need to delete a few of the keywords such as YESTERDAY, DEPART or MONDAY for the EFB app to understand the route.
Do you have a tip of your own? Or do you have a question on using Weekend Flyer? Please e-mail me at: