Feature Requests

Planned features:

  • Winds aloft. – Added in 1.4.7
  • Add custom waypoints. – Added in 1.1.2
  • Add a clock icon to the route toolbar. Toggles a tray with day/time picker and a radio button No Time/Departure-Time-Mode/Time. – Added in 1.1.2

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One thought on “Feature Requests

  1. I’ll see what I can do with surface wind barbs after I finish up with winds aloft. I didn’t do them before because I would need to draw an additional icon per station and this would slow down redrawing the screen. The new iPads are much faster than the old iPad 3 I’m using as a reference so I shouldn’t consider this an absolute hinderance. I intended to show surface winds on the winds aloft overlay and (due to your comment) now optionally on the main weather screen. Surface winds may not make the next release though so please be patient.

    On the issue of name and icon, this is something which I thought I gave some amount of thought. VFR pilots are of course most influenced by weather and commercial pilots with CAT III IFR and de-icing the least. That’s not to say that everyone prefers to fly VFR if they can, but the IFR pilot doesn’t have to schedule around them nearly as much. That and a lack of information on freezing layer and cloud tops with my weather source made me decide on a GA focus for branding. I do understand how branding doesn’t always yield a single best answer (this is why I prefer engineering) and do appreciate your thoughts.

    I am also glad to hear you find the app useful.

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