Bug Reports

I’m sorry to hear your having problems with my app. Here are some know bugs/issues and possible workarounds.

  • April 4,2017- 24-hour weather not updating – National Weather Service outage due to maintenance. Restored.
  • If you are seeing a Missing App Store Receipt box when starting the app and are unable to download weather, you must login to the iTunes Store with your password to allow the receipt to be retrieved. This requires an internet connection. This is a normal part of the App Store purchasing process.
  • Deleting a ‘saved route’ causes the app to crash. A work around is to drag the saved route back to the ‘recent routes’ and delete it from there. Fixed as of 1.4.7
  • After purchasing unlimited weather forecasting you may still see a dialog saying, ‘x more days remaining in trial period’. This will go away after x days and you will still be able to access weather forecasts. Fixed as of 1.2.8
  • There were some error in the NOAA database of weather station locations. Two weather stations were significantly mis-located KFSE and KCDD. A number of others were as many as 20 miles mis-located. A different database will be used in the next version. Fixed as of 1.2.5
  • Typing in route gets slow after typing the word ‘DEPART’. Next release will fix. If you find it too slow, type the word DEPART last. Fixed as of 1.1.2

To test the weather data servers at NOAA, click on these links which correspond to the ‘Internet Weather Sources’ in Settings. If you are having difficulty refreshing weather on the iPad try these links below from your iPad. If they work, try restarting your iPad. If any of them don’t work and it persists, please contact me at: